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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sock(s) - Just one so far

I was wanting something new to try and decided to make my first pair of crocheted socks.

I used a Toe Up Sock pattern that I found here
I used an E hook and Sockotta yarn. I don't have color code any more sorry!

The pattern was fairly easy to follow. A few tips that weren't shared in the pattern:

Do not join rounds (work in a spiral) if you join rounds you get a ridge that could feel uncomfortable. ( I did join rounds when I did the cuff part because I was doing some dc)

When I started the heal I joined the yarn in the heal opening in the second stitch from one "corners" (with the right side facing me.) I don't think it matters which one. Then did a decrease on that side then a decrease on the other side. I hope that makes sense. I might try and get a simple drawing up so it will be clearer. I plan on making another pair socks that does the same kind of heal so I can take pics of that. There are more pics of making the socks on my flickr pages just click on the flickr badge in the side bar and look in my crochet folder.

The beginning:
Toe Up Socks

When you get to the heel/cuff part she suggests you divide in half the number of sc stitches you have to get number of the chains you make. I did that and thought it was too tight. I did a few more chains. So I recommend you try the sock on at that point to see how easy you think it will be to get on and off.
Toe Up Socks

I think this pattern is really easy to do and works up quick but if your are new to crochet it might be a little confusing until you play with it a bit. I like how I can make the basic sock part with single crochet then do some fun stitch experimenting for the cuff. My sock fits nicely. It will fit even better after it's been washed (I hope!)

A close-up of the sock cuff. I use fpdc and a cluster dc. If I do this pattern again I might switch it around and do the cluster stitch first then do the post stitch. The fpdc stitch kind of mimics knit ribbing.

Toe Up Sock - Finished

The finished sock
Toe Up Sock - Finished

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Blogger Leann said...

I am doing this very same sock for my daughter. I have never done socks before. Just seeing yours is helping me to start the top part. How did you do the heel? Did you take pics? I would LOVE to see that part if you have it or feel like sharing as you do the second one. Thanks so much!!!

10:10 AM

Blogger sammimag said...

Hi leann,

I hope you come back here to check on this post. I added some information to the post that I hope will help with doign the heal.

11:50 AM

Blogger Leann said...

YES!!! This helps very much... Thank you for doing this!!!!! I love your blog... (((HUG)))

11:50 AM

Blogger Phyllis said...

I've knit a pair of socks but never crochet a pair and I have a question. The cuff is wide does it stay that way or can you get the look of a knitted sock? I would like to try the pattern but I'm just not sure about that wide cuff.

9:52 PM


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