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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tunisian Crochet and some Ribbon Yarn

I'm experimenting with Tunisian Crochet and some ribbon yarn just to see what happens.

I'm using Modea Ticker Tape yarn
What I think is likely a K or L hook. If I do it again I want to try using a larger hook. The Yarn calls for a an N hook.
I'm not following a pattern.

I'm using the following Tunisian stitches going back in for between and open look and doing all the stitches and using different sized stitches (follow stitch names to links for tutorials/intructions on how to do the stitch):

Tunisian treble
this recommended a chain two for the first treble stitch. I think a chain three works better.
eyelets or skipping stitches
I skipped stitches doing the Tunisian treble so I wrapped the yarn over 3 times instead of two and pulled thru twice.
simple stitch crochet

Lots of good video tutorials for Tunisian here and how to's for more stitches here

The beginning
tunisian treble crochet

tunisian treble crochet

Ticker Tape/ Ribbon Scarf

I think the scarf looks good with green.

Ticket Tape/Ribbon Scarf

You can see the fringe I added here, how it looks with a purple shirt and about how long it is. I dyed the shirt myself doing low-water immersion dyeing.

Ticker Tape/ Ribbon Scarf

Back to the pic with the green shirt because even if do say so myself not a bad picture of me. I like how the scarf looks too.

I'm trying to decide if I like the tape yarn or not. It was fun to experiment with and I want to try some more. I think that tape might be something you like or you don't like. It has a more "edgy" modern look to it and less organic than yarn. So that's how I am looking at it and trying to see how to showcase it's edginess best rather than trying to make it something it isn't.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't experimenting fun, Samantha? :)
Your scarf looks great! I'm a huge fan of ribbon yarn and the unique look it gives projects. Keep having fun with it! :D

10:02 PM

Blogger sammimag said...

I do think experimenting is fun. Yet it does distract me from my WIPS.

3:43 PM


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