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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My WIPS and WIMS Wednesday

WIPs - Works in Progress
UFOs - Unfinished Objects - They were WIPS at one time but have not been touched for a very long time
WIMS - Works in my mind

I have very few wips right now as so many of them turned to UFOs recently.

Sushi pattern testing

UFO's that really need to move back up to WIPS
*Mary Werst doily for a gift
**Irish and brugges lace crochet doily
* Nova star Afgahn - I really want to finish to enjoy it this winter.
*freeform doll blanket - finish for my daughter
freeform bag or possible a shawl
freeform tea cozy for me
finish sewing a rabbit doll and embroider the face
weave in ends on a hat
**hemp tote bag
small purse - need to finish shoulder strap and write up the pattern
*embroider face and finish weaving in ends on rabbit
a scarf out of lace weight yarn

Many of these need to move up to a WIP soon because I need to make them for gifts!
WIMS: lot of these are for gift this year:
**a few more small doilies
**Several bookmarks
**cases to hold the kids gameboys and a game or too
**crocheted doll clothes
**purse for dd
butterfly lapghan
butterfly shawl
Sweet Sweater on Crochet Me or a Shrug from Interweave Crochet
a shawl idea using some Paton's Divine I inherited from a friend and possibly submit somehwere
another pair of socks!
a crocheted skirt - I have seen several that I want to do
Sweat Pea Shawl in the Happy Hooker
**make ornaments for the ornament swap on crochetville

Destined to be frogged:
a scarf - I decide I did not like the colors
a poncho that just didn't come together - not sure it's even worth frogging
a sweater I started at the end of winter using some lionbrand homespun - I will either use the yarn to make the Sweet Sweater, shrug or maybe a shawl. I can't decide. I could even break down to make a small lapghan too.

What I need to do is make my to do list for the holidays and get hookin' I am behind!


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