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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Neopet Amigurumi

Neopet Amigurumi
Originally uploaded by sammimag.
Here's my first try at making something from scratch. I found this Neopet toy lying around yesterday a decided to make something inspired by it.

It turned out much smaller than I intended. So when I make it again, I will make the head much bigger and the body slightly bigger. I will likely use a lighter color felt for the belly.

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Blogger Mama Kelly said...

I am so impressed with those Amigurumi --- it's hard to believe they are crocheted - they seem so darn detailed

used to do the neopets thing

5:34 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

Hey I have that neopet! lol Great job making one like it. I would never be creative enough to do that. :)

8:59 PM

Blogger kittykat said...

what a cool idea....i bet the kids love it...i know i do!

11:45 PM


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