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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tiny Hearts Doily

Tiny Hearts Doily
Originally uploaded by sammimag.
My 4th doily what fun! Tiny Hearts Doily was in Crochet! the March 2006 issue. Do you think I am obsessed? Don't answer that I'm just talking out loud and really don't want to know 'cause I already know the answer.

I think this doily might look nice in a pale pink for Valentines Day or maybe a red if you had a light or white background to put the doily on.

I am STILL waiting for my PK doily book. I'm also drooling over all kinds of threads on this website here. I really should NOT spend more money but I will likely do it anyway and rationalize that I will be making gifts for family. Yeah! that's it I am spending money for gifts. If a few seem to stay at home that seems only reasonable. Doilies also encourage me to keep the clutter down because what good is a doily if you don't have a clean table to show it off on? So doilies encourage me to keep things cleaner at home. So I must make more doilies so I must buy more thread. Phew! I am glad that's settled.


Blogger kay said...

Beautiful doily! I laughed when I read about keeping the tables clear of clutter so people can see the pretty doilies...great job!

7:46 AM

Blogger jaclim said...

Your doily is gorgeous! I agree about keeping your tables clutter free, it's another good reason to make more doilies! LOL!

7:37 PM

Anonymous Lea said...

WOW great job! That is really beautiful for your 4th doily!!!

8:52 PM


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