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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Two more doilies

I have done it! I think I am officially addicted (and probably insane too) making doilies. I see yet another bin to store crochet thread in. I am impatiently waiting to get Coffee -n- Cream by Patricia Kristoffersen. You can have a sneak peak of the lovely doilies I will making the future here.

Tribute to Trish Doily

Tribute to Trish Doily - Trish is Patricia Kristoffersen above. You can see her beautiful doily designs here. I want to get more of her books. I hope my friends and family like doilies because I think you will be getting some in the future. Please drop very detailed hints of your favorite colors so I am sure to make something you like :)

You can find the pattern for the doily above here. I used a #7 hook and #10 thread. I gave this doily to a friend moving to Indiana.

You can click on the pictures below to see more detail. I will post larger pics later as flickr is hiccuping right now.

Starflower Doily - 1998 Decorative Crochet Magazine

I used #10 cotton thread and a #6 crochet hook

Thanks for looking


Blogger Tracy said...

Doily Duh... okay, doily making is crochet with tiny hooks and little thread? I've been picturing some sort of little doily weaving frame. But then I was looking at the bookmark you made, and maybe I begin to get the picture. Oh... and I'm a jewel tone kind of girl ;-) deep blues, reds, greens, purples... though you can never go wrong with blue.

11:22 AM

Blogger Lynn / vigilant20 said...

These are great! Especially the second one, very striking.

11:35 AM


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