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Sunday, June 11, 2006

I'm spinning ...... sort of ....

I took a spinning class this weekend. Man oh man it was hard. I forgot how some physical things take me sooo long to learn. Spinning ,especially on a spinning wheel, is like trying to rub your belly and patt your head at the same time.

Let's just say it out loud now, I cried. I wanted to figure this out sooo bad. I had such a hard time keeping the wheel going and figuring just how much fiber to feed the spool and not break the yarn or get the wheel going the wrong way. AAAACK!

I managed to get the hang of it. Dang it, I may be dang near 40 but it was embarrassing for me to be the only one struggling really hard. Then my frustration gets to me then the tears.

There is some beauty in the end. My first skein of yarn spun and plied on a spinning wheel.

Hand Spun Yarn - Wheel

Since I didn't bring home a spinning wheel (that a 350-400$ purchase yikes!) I worked on my drop spinning when I got home and made this skein, another chunky weight yarn:

Hand Spun Yarn - Drop Spindle

I plied this yarn using a drop spindle and that was a challenge to say the least. I think lots of the twist I had out in to the singles all came out when I plied. Now I have this soft looking yarn that looks like roving.

Not only can I cry when I get frustrated. I'm reminded that I am STILL impatient. Right now I am on my next spinning attempt and the pace is very slow. I am taking my time a pre-drafting the fibers and doing the park and spin method. I am pleased with what I have so far. So that's a good thing.

I think I am sufficiently challenged. I now HAVE to master this. I will preserver. (and have fun too) I will learn to take my time.


Blogger Tracy said...

A challenge! Well, I'm impressed with the results. I've never tried it and don't see myself doing so, but wish I had been there to give you hugs through the frustration. I'm sure I'll get to marvel at your beautiful creations soon enough. Chin up!

8:09 AM

Anonymous Candy said...

Oh you described the first time I took my first spinning lesson!! Dont worry it will come to you. Also, there is a wheel a little less expensive. It is a Ashford Kiwi. It is a great wheel. The advice to me was practice, practice, practice!

5:23 AM

Blogger Karen said...

When you ply on a drop spindle...if you spun the singles clockwise, then ply them going counter-clockwise. This should keep them from unspinning.

I still can't get the hang of spinning on a wheel.... so ... good going! :)

I just found your blog - imagine a person who crotchets! amongst all those knitters. It's nice to find others. :)


3:18 PM


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