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Friday, February 24, 2006

About my blog categories

When I'm looking for inspiration about crocheting or tie dying nothing frustrates me more than to go to a blog that says it's about crocheting or tie dyeing and not find any posts.

It's not that I don't want to know about you but when I'm looking for stuff about fiber arts that's what I want to read about. If I like what I see I'll likely want to get to know you better too!

So I try and have categories on my blogs so if you are looking for specific information hopefully you will find it. So here's the scoop, on my side bar and at the bottom of each post is a category to click that will take you (regrettably off my blog) to a list of posts about free_form crochet or amigurumi. All you have to do is click on the post that interests you and it will take you back to this blog for further reading.

Here's a link to all my categories (tags) for this bog.

Hope this makes sense.

Free Form Spiral Doll Blanket

I enjoyed working on this last night. It worked up fairly quickly to. I'm using Red Heart yarn and an H hook. When I make another one I will likely try a larger hook to see if the blanket will have more drape that way.

I'm making this for my dd as a doll blanket. I'm having fun exploring the possibilities of free form crochet. In the future I want to make some baby blankets for real babies. I like the idea of making something on the funky fun side in bold and bright colors. I even like the pastels my daughter picked out for this one. (I'm not a a pastel colors person. I love bold colors even on babies)

Overall I'm liking the look. Especially how things are adding on to the outside but if you look at the last photo the project really doesn't lay flat and it's bugging me.

You can see that I added too many increases. I may frog back to the beginning and do less increases unless I get some suggestions on how I can salvage it.

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A simple and soft baby blanket

This pattern has moved! You can find it HERE

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Flowers! And More

I'm looking forward to participating in my first swap at Crochetville. I love getting things in the mail and making things for others.

I'll be making some of the flowers from here and here.

It starts in March so I should get started trying out some of the patterns.

I am currently finishing up on a baby blanket that was going to be for one of daughter dolls. Dd thinks it's too big for her doll so now I'm making it for one of dh's co-workers who just had a new baby girl. It's very simple, just a front post dc stitch but it give such a fun texture to it. It is so soft because I'm making it with Caron Simply Soft so I can't help touching it every so often.

I will need to make a afghan for myself out of Simply Soft soon. I did buy the Leisure Arts 63 Squares recently which I plan to make an afghan with soon. I want to use it because I will learn so many new stitches. I just sent an order in to Annie's Attic for some Amigurumi patterns, other animal patterns and Tunisian sweater.

I also started another sweater for myself. This one will be a pull-over. It's my own design, kind of freeform. I'm using Lion Bran Homespun and a K hook. I plan on sharing more about it soon.

If you want to see what been keeping me so busy lately and why I have not been adding to this new blog check out some of my recent posts on my personal blog. I'm reminiscing about my travels in Europe when I was in my 20's. I want to go back.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It’s a cat, it’s a dog, bear or rabbit. Oh My!

This pattern has moved! You can find it HERE

Welcome to Fiber Star

Fiber Star (because secretly I want to be famous), is my place to share my wisdom and inspiration in my fiber arts journey. My current passion is crocheting.

I'm also learning to knit and dabble in felting, tie dyeing, and low-water immersion dyeing. Currently, I'm dreaming about teaching crocheting and dyeing, selling some of my designs and things I make, and writing articles about crocheting and other fiber arts.

I usually have several crocheting projects going at once. You can see some of my finished work and works in progress if you click on my flickr button on the side bar.

My project list just seems to get longer and longer:

FreeForm Crochet

Amigurumi, crocheted stuffed animals. I have made a few cats which I will share in a future post with a pattern too.

Make myself a poncho.

A baby blanket for my dd's baby doll(s)

A crochet stitch sampler

Make the colorwaves sweater (I already have the yarn.)

My ds wants me to make him a red sweater.

I want to improve my Spiral Baby Cardigan design.

I also want to make some hats and maybe a poncho for a young girl I found out has leukemia.

Crocheted slippers

A crocheted skirt

make the easy going hoodie and make the make an hemp necklace just below.

low-water immersion dye some fabric and clothing that's looking lonely and neglected from Dharma Trading Co.

Tie Dye some socks

Dye some yarn

And more.....