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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Amaretto - Doily Number #5

Originally uploaded by sammimag.
Amaretto is a Patricia Kristoffersen Doily from Coffee 'N' Cream.

This book is out of print but I was able to get a used copy off eBay for not too much even after shipping. This picture barley shows the lovely raised stitches that are ( I think) are signature of PK's designs.

Amaretto is now gracing my daughters dresser. You can see more pics of the doily in my doily set on flickr (just scroll down on my side bar to find the link.) I just love the texture in PK doilies. The next PK doily is for me. I just ordered some thread and will start my doily as soon as I get it.

Right now I am working on a doily using a motif from a book. I plan to use that doily in the bathroom. I'm using a dark purple thread so the white porcelain in the bathroom will show off the design quite nicely, I think.


Blogger The Shrone said...

I love that pattern book and all of PK's designs! Excellent work!

2:21 PM

Blogger DixieRedHead said...

you did a nice job with the doily. I love PK's designs as well! Congrats!

11:33 AM

Blogger Mimi said...

Gorgeous doily! What great patience and talent you have to create your doilies!

11:37 PM


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